Team Members

   Dan Solstyx   Dart Vapor   Val Rose   Golem   Rockyval

Dan Solstyx

Dan ​Solstyx ​is ​a ​flow ​artist ​at ​heart, ​with ​movements ​inspired ​from ​years ​of ​martial ​arts, ​and a ​passion ​for ​expression ​through ​motion. ​He has ​performed ​in ​local ​and international events ​in ​groups ​and ​solo.  

Versed ​in ​the ​art ​of ​Buugeng ​(“Martial ​Illusion”, ​in ​Japanese), ​Dan ​will ​mesmerize ​any ​crowd with ​both ​complex ​and ​smooth ​movements, ​displaying ​a ​unique ​set ​of skills ​and ​an enthralling ​presence.

Dart Vapor

Inspired by the Rope Dart in its traditional form, a kung-fu weapon, his movements embody power and control. Years of practice rewarded him with a place in the prestigious Rope Dart Academy, alongside some of the world’s best rope dartists. 

 The infinite quest to master his art led him to the world of fire and LED performances. He can take over any stage, filling it with an overwhelming passion.


Golem is a passionate flow Artist and fire performer. With his vast variety of different styles and props, he always finds the perfect match for your events. Given his musical experience and background, Golem will keep the beat flowing as he mesmerizes with his geometric isolations and performances.


Rockyval is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked as an artistic hairdresser for many years, and has discovered herself a passion for flow arts and fire. She has performed at multiple events and festivals in Quebec, and has perfected the art of mixing fluid movement and colorful styles. 

Bringing you into a flamboyant universe with her double staffs, Rockyval will know how to hypnotize and charm you with her out of the ordinary looks and her provocative style.

Val Rose

Val Rose is an adept of the Poï discipline. Both LED and fire, she will bend them to her will with beautiful grace and incredible skill. 

 Combining years of experience in the arts scene, and an advanced Poï technique with a variety of movements, Valerie will be your event’s eye candy! She performs both in groups or solo, and on any type of music.